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Cooee Bay Art Workshop 2012
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Cooee Bay Art Workshop 2012

I recently attended the Cooee Bay Art Workshop, held in July.  The 10 day workshop gave me chance to develop and share artistic skills under the guidance of renowned tutors uninterrupted.  Here is some of the work completed with this years tutors:

Bela Ivanyi

Bela’s workshop focused on creative and abstract interpretations of our subject matters (a fake flower). This commenced with information gathering before developing them into formal statements on canvas. We explored different textural techniques achieved through acrylic paint as well as layering techniques.  I particularly enjoyed the ambiguity created with layering in this workshop.



Peter Sharp

The theme of Peter’s workshop was “Looking at the landscape through Contemporary Eyes”. We began the workshop by retrieving 3-4 objects, one of which had to be man made.  These objects were then bound together, with tape and string to take on a new form.  From this, we spent a day creating various charcoal and pencil drawings, which were used as a basis for our paintings over the next 5 days. I thoroughly enjoyed this exercise because even though the paintings became abstracted and skewed beyond recognition, the essential character of the object remained. I also enjoyed working with challenging colour schemes.



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