About Me

Self Portrait, Charcoal on Paper, 2009

I am a contemporary painter and I work from my home in Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia. In 2011 I completed a Bachelor of Multimedia Studies at Central Queensland University, and am now hoping to paint and create art on a more regular basis. For several years now I have been working as a graphic designer, which I enjoy as it enables me to stay creative.

Like many artists, I have been painting and drawing since a young age, always experimenting with different techniques and materials. My favourite media to work with is acrylic paint, although I enjoy dabbling with all sorts of media including charcoal, pastel and watercolour, as well as some sculptural material.

My artworks are supported by a playful exploration of materials, where often mistakes are embraced to create a finished work. I consciously guide the imagery towards depictions of my surroundings and memories. I find inspiration outdoors; through memories & travel and through people I meet. My process generally begins by walking around with a camera and photographing sites and objects as a reference. I have taken a lot of images over the years and I often tend to go back and rework different ones. For me, the photo is merely a starting point, I let the painting develop into something more. From the photo, I create preliminary sketches before taking it to the canvas.

Currently, I am working on multi-layered pieces, creating depth with levels of sharpness and contrasts in opacity and transparency. I like to play with the focus in a painting by shifting layers, pulling them forward or rubbing them back.

Please click here for a list of my awards and achievements over the last few years.